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Thursday, July 27, 2006

arg frusterated

Google is working way too slow at getting my description right. I still don't have any inbound links listed, I have several high pr sites that are linking to me. Im not a very patient person really. Im going everything together quickly though.

I really am limited on my time recently, but im going to get some quality time on this contest I hope. Oh well, hopefully everything will turn out alright. Im so unmotivated to do anywork right now, I am in such a lazy mood.

I got a new laptop, which is awesome, now I can sit and watch TV comfortably when im working on this computer crap.

I got so many ideas, and not enough time, its frusterating...Im working on some accounting software, a social networking website, and a few other little things. I can't wait until im done with everything, Im going to rest for about 6 months.

Im pretty excited about getting a new GSXR soon, my friend said hes going to buy me another GSXR since mine got stolen, if I redesign the website for his company. Good deal with me.


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